Caving Adventures near DC/MD/VA

Caving is a unique and challenging adventure for both youth and adults. The Appalachian Mountains contain more than 2500 explored caves, and West Virginia and Virginia offer dozens of caves that are open and accessible for instruction caving excursions. These unique and delicate ecosystems are home to some of the most beautiful cave structures (speleotherms) as well as a myriad of wildlife, some of which spends its entire life cycle in underground darkness. Join us for our Introduction to Caving Series, which offers beginner and advanced caving programs for youth and adult groups at multiple locations in Virginia and West Virginia.

  • Cavers entering Whiting's Neck Cave during a guided Beginner Caving course with GO-Adventures -

  • Cavers exploring Trout Cave during an Intermediate Caving excursion with GO-Adventures -

Join us for our Introductory to Advanced Level Caving programs, which take place at various caves in Virginia, West Virginia and Pennsylvania.

Designed for groups of 6 to 16, the Introduction to Caving Series consists of three options:

Level 1 – Introduction to Caving
We’ll meet your group at the Yankauer Nature Preserve and hike out to Whiting’s Neck Cave. From here, your group will enter the upper chambers of the cave, and explore tight passages, large caverns, and exit through (or over) the “keyhole” a challenging concave hole in the rock through which you must pass your head – then shoulders – then the rest of you – before squeezing out the other side.

Level 2 – Intermediate
For groups who have completed the Introduction to Caving, or have previous caving experience, we return to Whiting’s Neck for “The Drop” a 40-foot rappel into the lower chambers of the cave. Here spelunkers will explore the less-traveled and more beautiful/challenging parts of the cave before ascending the rope and exiting through the keyhole – or back the way they came in…

Level 3 – Advanced
Now that you’ve been bitten by the caving bug, it’s time to explore! We can meet you at one of more than 6 “secret” locations to continue your caving adventure. As many of the great caves are located in remote areas, we suggest that you either plan to spend the weekend caving (2 or 3 cave excursions back-to-back) or combine a couple of different adventures, perhaps whitewater rafting one day and caving the next. Whatever your fancy, the farther you go for your caves, the more there is to see and do

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