Facilitated Teambuilding is an Investment in Future Success

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Facilitated Teambuilding is an Investment in Future Success

The key to effective team development is understanding the needs of the team, and planning a goal-driven, facilitated teambuilding program that meets those needs, through a fun and challenging shared experience.

Facilitated teambuilding, when done right, can create more lasting value than any other similarly priced investment.

When an organization makes the commitment to follow through on lessons learned and insight gained through a facilitated teambuilding event, the effectiveness of the team increases.Eriq Powers, Founder of GO-Adventures

Why Facilitated Teambuilding?

When a day of teambuilding feels more like a day off than a day at work, that is a bonus! But keep in mind that the goal is to build a team, so facilitated teambuilding should include discussion around the goals and the process helps to make the learning stick.

A facilitated teambuilding event is specifically designed to help increase trust between team members. Trust is paramount to effective leadership, and when a team’s level of trust is high, individuals are more willing to risk – ideas, opinions, teamwork – all of which create an opportunity for innovation.

A well-designed team development program emphasizes improved communication. Effective communication improves morale, buy-in, and cohesion between the members of the team. Improved communication makes teams more agile and efficient, and better able to perform at a high level.

While a facilitated teambuilding event alone has value, follow-up and regular check-ins can increase that value exponentially. The most effective team development program allows the facilitator and the team to touch base a few times throughout the year. Teams are given the time and space to revisit lessons learned in the initial teambuilder, and discuss any improvements or setbacks that have been experienced since the initial teambuilding exercise. This helps to keep the team on track towards its stated goals, and can be incredibly powerful and energizing. Regular check-ins are like an inoculation against miscommunication and mistrust.

If you truly want to get a return on your investment, spend your teambuilding dollars on a goals-driven facilitated team development program and follow-up facilitation. You won’t get a bigger bang for your buck!