Ropes Course for Team Building

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Many people come out for a day of team building with a preconceived notion of what makes a “ropes course.” And then, when I ask what they know of ropes courses, they tell me about climbing, leaping, belaying, and traversing across something high up in the trees. What they think of as a ropes course might be a team building program, or it might be an aerial adventure park. Both programs are being advertised as a “ropes course.”

The Leap of Faith – might be used as a stand-alone activity on an aerial adventure park, or as a team building challenge on a ropes challenge course.

What is the difference? Both have activities that get participants up into the trees or up on poles. Both offer the thrill of being up high, jumping, climbing, crossing over… the “high elements.”

Using high elements as a team building exercise – the Giant Ladder

The difference is in the focus of the activity. A ropes challenge course is used as a team building event. An aerial adventure park is used as an individual adventure activity. While both are called a ropes course, one is for teams and the other is for individuals.