Meet Eriq Powers GO-Adventures Founder

In 1992, Eriq Powers began guiding and facilitating adventure and teamwork with groups. As a student in the Adventure Sports Institute, Eriq saw the value of experiential education as a tool for building trust and cohesion between members of a group. After college, Eriq worked for a few challenge course providers and adventure guide services before starting GO-Adventures in 2003. Since then, he has been honing his skills as a guide and facilitator, and now provides training and support to other guides and facilitators in the DC metro area. He is passionate about teaching through experience-based training and sharing his love of outdoor adventure with others.

Meet GO-Adventures Founder Eriq Powers

The Mission of GO-Adventures

Who We Are

GO-Adventures is a team of seasoned professional team building facilitators and adventure guides dedicated to adventure-based, goals-driven experiential training.

GO-Adventures provides engaging and authentic, experience-based training to individuals and groups in the MD/DC/VA metropolitan area.

Life is an Adventure - Where do you want to go?

What We Believe

GO-Adventures inspires a community of like-minded adventurers, who believe that trust is at the heart of exceptional teams and organizations.

  • We believe that life should be an adventure.
  • We believe that people are at their best when they are engaged in fun and challenging activities with others.
  • We believe that trust and communication are fundamental to highly effective teams (and happy and healthy humans in general).

Our Method

GO-Adventures offers skillfully crafted and executed team building and adventure experiences for youth and adults, individuals and organizations, in the Mid-Atlantic region and beyond. Our goal is to foster creative thinking, teamwork, and a sense of adventure, while creating an environment that promotes trust and cohesion between the members of a group.

We Create Fun!

Every GO-Adventures teambuilding or adventure instruction program is designed to be a fun, engaging, and memorable experience. If participants don't go away feeling energized after a GO-Adventures program, we DEFINITELY want to know why, and will make every effort to improve our process the next time around. This dedication to the 'fun factor' is one of the cornerstones of a GO-Adventures program.