Adventure Team Challenge
Self-led Rotational Teambuilding for Adults

Looking for a fun experience with your fellow college students or co-workers, without breaking the bank? The Adventure Team Challenge team building event is a great day out of the office.Eriq Powers - Founder

When your goal is a recreational team-building program for a large group, and your budget is relatively small, the Adventure Team Challenge is a great option.
Adventure Team Challenge — rotational teambuilding event for adults.

Teams of 8 to 12 participants will rotate through a series of team-building exercises, comprised of problem-solving initiatives, communication enhancers, and trust-building activities. The Final Challenge will bring these smaller teams back together for a large-group, problem-solving activity.

The Adventure Team Challenge can be set up as a “friendly competition,” or as a themed event, at a university, conference room, or park in your area.