What to Bring Caving


Caving Participant Equipment Checklist

We provide most of the gear you need, including a helmet, headlamps, knee pads, coveralls, dry bags, and all the navigational items we need. Additionally we will carry a first aid kit and a pelican case to keep phones safe and dry in.

What you need to bring/wear:

  • 3 AAA batteries.
  • 1 liter of Water (one Nalgene’s worth), and snacks or lunch. (make sure it is a food that you won’t mind getting squished, or is in a crush-proof container)
  • Hiking boots, preferably waterproof. Acceptable alternatives are: Wellies/Rain boots that fit well and have a sole that is textured like a hiking boot for traction, trail running shoes, low hiking shoes, hunting/farming boots that are good in mud, or work boots that have good traction that you don’t mind getting permanently muddy. Running shoes may be ok, depending on the cave and the traction the shoes provide. If you have footwear questions, definitely reach out to us in advance!
  • A bandanna. (to wear as a head covering under your helmet)
  • Wool socks. (Or thick, warm polypropylene socks if you have a wool allergy)
  • Thermal base layers (long johns), both bottoms and tops, but definitely bottoms, made of merino wool or polypropylene. Cotton is NOT a good option. Polyester, like yoga tights, are ok, but not as warm. Running or non-padded biking tights are good. Fleece is ok, but might get TOO hot.
  • Bring/wear extra layers if you tend to get cold. Our coveralls keep your clothes from getting too muddy, but don’t provide much warmth or moisture protection. We’ll always bring a few extras, but they may or may not be your size.
  • One top layer for warmth, like a fleece or very thin puffy jacket, or a softshell. This can be useful in the cave if you tend to be cold in general, or for the hike to and from the cave.
  • Clothes to change into after the cave. (Don’t forget a change of underwear, socks and shoes! — you will likely be wet or muddy)
  • A big black trash bag to put anything muddy into afterwards.