What to Bring Caving

The liability waiver must be complete, unedited, and signed prior to participation.

A helmet, headlamp, kneepads, gloves and all group gear will be provided by GO-Adventures. Participants are responsible for their own personal equipment and should bring the items on the list below.

It is very important that participants have these items to ensure a safe and comfortable day for everyone!

In preparation for your upcoming GO-Adventures program, please bring the items on the list below.

  • Water in a leakproof container
  • Food that will not spoil or make a mess in the cave
  • Comfortable, non-cotton clothing that you can move around in (we recommend long-sleeve shirt and pants, activewear clothing and dressing in layers in case you get too hot or too cold).
  • Boots or close-toed shoes with ankle support (flip-flops or sandals are not appropriate)
  • Rain gear (if there is a chance of rain in the forecast)
  • Wool or synthetic socks (no cotton!)
  • Bandana (for comfort under the helmet)
  • Small pack for your belongings
  • Complete change of clothes including shoes, socks, and underwear
  • Large trash bag for wet/muddy clothes after the event

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*Suggested Clothing: polypropylene or other non-cotton long underwear, wool socks, boots with good traction and ankle support, an insulating layer such as wool or fleece, a shell layer (water resistant), hat or bandanna, thin gloves. The cave is very dusty and muddy, so please wear clothing and footwear you don’t mind getting dirty.

**Please note that, unless there is lightning, inclement weather will NOT discontinue activities-please come prepared!