Experience-based Training for Guides and Facilitators

Since 2001, GO-Adventures has been offering high quality teambuilding facilitator training clinics and adventure instruction guide training for new and experienced camp counselors, ropes course staff, and non-profit organizations from New York to West Virginia, and the MD/DC/VA metro area.

Our Adventure Guide and Teambuilding Facilitator Training Options

During our Teambuilding Facilitator Training Program students will deconstruct the team development process, learning tips and techniques that focus on:
  • Trust (laying a foundation for openness and understanding that will allow participants to take risks)
  • Conflict (gaining comfort with engaging in unfiltered discussion around important topics)
  • Commitment (achieving buy-in for decisions made by the team)
  • Accountability (willingness to confront one another about performance and behavioral concerns)
  • Results (valuing collective outcomes more than individual recognition).
Utilizing a combination of experience-based team building activities and traditional facilitation techniques (flip-charting, brainstorming, etc…) your training program will prepare new facilitators to create a learning environment, increasing the potential for creativity and innovation in teams and organizations.
The typical teambuilding facilitator training will cover:
  • Effective sequencing of activities
  • Types of activities (games, getting-to-know you, initiatives, low elements, trust building)
  • Framing and debriefing techniques
  • Building vs. buying your props and equipment
  • Resources for facilitators
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Guide Training is designed for anyone interested in becoming an Outdoor Leader. Whether you are a Boy Scout Leader who wants to be able to help guide your Troop, or a Professional Guide looking to add another skill set, a GO-Adventures Guide Training program will teach you valuable “hard skills” – technical expertise in your given activity, as well invaluable “soft skills” – team dynamics and leadership techniques that help anyone working with a group.
GO-Adventures currently offers Guide Training programs in the following adventure activities:
  • rock climbing (top-roping for beginners)
  • caving
  • mountain biking
  • wilderness skills
  • recreational tree climbing
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A few of our recent Teambuilding Facilitator and Adventure Guide Training clients:

  • Boulder Ridge Challenge Course of Liberty Mountain
  • Adventures on the Gorge
  • Girl Scouts of Central Maryland
  • Frontier Town
  • ChildHelp East
  • Butler Camp
  • Educating Together of Dominican Republic
  • Indian Lake Camp

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