Adventure Instruction and Guided Outdoor Experiences near DC, Maryland and Virginia

The DC Metropolitan area has a wealth of outdoor adventure opportunities, for youth and adults. Our Beginner to Intermediate Level Adventure Instruction courses will give participants the chance to learn the basics or work on more advanced skills.Eriq Powers - Founder


For new and intermediate-level climbers, the Top-Rope Rock Climbing Series teaches everything from the basics of climbing to advanced self-rescue and anchoring systems.
Designed for groups of 4 to 16 participants, we offer 3 different levels of instruction:

Level 1 – Introduction to Top-Rope Rock Climbing
Level 2 – Intermediate – Top-Belay and Anchors I
Level 3 – Advanced – Anchors II and Self-Rescue

Both novices and more experienced climbers will find the crags of the DC area both fun and challenging. Whether you are new to the sport, or you are ready to take your skills to the next level, an instructional rock climbing class is a great way to get “on-rope!”
Let’s GO Rock Climbing!
Join us for our Beginner to Intermediate Level Caving programs, which takes place at Whiting’s Neck Cave, near Martinsburg, WV, and other caves in Pendleton County, WV or Shippensburg, PA.
Designed for groups of 4 to 16, the Introduction to Caving consists of two options:

Level 1 – Introduction to Caving
We’ll meet your group at the Yankauer Nature Preserve and hike out to Whiting’s Neck Cave. From here, your group will enter the upper chambers of the cave, and explore tight passages, large caverns, and exit through (or over) the “keyhole” a challenging concave hole in the rock through which you must pass your head – then shoulders – then the rest of you – before squeezing out the other side.

Level 2 – Intermediate
For groups who have completed the Introduction to Caving, or have previous caving experience, we return to Whiting’s Neck for “The Drop” a 40-foot rappel into the lower chambers of the cave. Here spelunkers will explore the less-traveled and more beautiful/challenging parts of the cave before ascending the rope and exiting through the keyhole – or back the way they came in…

Level 3 – Advanced
Now that you’ve been bitten by the caving bug, it’s time to explore! We can meet you at one of more than 6 “secret” locations to continue your caving adventure. As many of the great caves are located in remote areas, we suggest that you either plan to spend the weekend caving (2 or 3 cave excursions back-to-back) or combine a couple of different adventures, perhaps whitewater rafting one day and caving the next. Whatever your fancy, the farther you go for your caves, the more there is to see and do!

Caving is an activity that is extremely physical. Only participants in average or better health should engage in caving activities. Participants should be 10 years-old and older, and should always be prepared with the appropriate clothing for a wet, slippery, 55 degree session of crawling and climbing.
Let’s GO Caving!
For novice riders and those with limited experience, our Introduction to Mountain Biking course will teach the basic skills to keep your rides safe and fun.

Designed for groups of 4 to 16 participants, Introduction to Mountain Biking consists of the following:

Level 1 – Introduction to Mountain Biking
We’ll meet your group at Schaeffer Farms, in Darnestown, MD, and outfit participants with a bike and helmet. If you have your own ride, we’ll make sure it is trail-ready before we get into a few skill-builders.

Once you have practiced these essentials, we will head out and hit the trails with an easier ride. On the initial ride, you’ll work on the “front-end lift” which will help you get up over smaller logs without having to get off your bike. Then, after lunch, we’ll head out for the more advanced trail, and work on hill climbs and descents. Great fun, on challenging terrain.

This course will introduce riders to “single-track” mountain biking. Participants will be negotiating tight turns, over uneven terrain, with obstacles, hills and curves. Due to the technical nature of the terrain, participants should be very comfortable riding a bike, and preferably one with handlebar brakes (not a coaster brake). In addition, riders should have a reasonable level of fitness and be 10 years-old or older.
Let’s GO Mountain Biking!

Whether you are looking to make car camping more enjoyable with a warm fire, or you are getting ready to hike the AT, learning basic outdoor skills is the key to staying found, safe, and comfortable in the wilderness.  Our Introduction to Wilderness Skills gives you the tools to plan your next trip into the outdoors with confidence.

The Introduction to Wilderness Skills teaches the basics of outdoor survival. This is not an extensive “Man Vs. Nature” experience, but rather a primer in skills that will keep the average car camper or trail hiker safe and comfortable for an extended period of time.
The Introduction to Wilderness Skills gives participants the skills to venture out into the woods overnight, and find their way back to their home or vehicle the next day. This program is hands-on, experiential, and is designed to give a crash course in the fundamental necessities of outdoor survival. Participants should have a reasonable level of fitness (there is some hiking involved) and should be 10 years-old or older.
Let’s GO Wilderness Survival!

Learn the basics of safely climbing into the upper branches of a tree under the supervision of an experienced instructor. Recreational Tree Climbing is a fun activity for children and adults alike!

The Recreational Tree Climbing program is designed to teach participants about equipment and techniques for safely ascending and descending a live and healthy tree. This program is hands-on, experiential, and is designed to give a crash course in the fundamentals. Courses do not cover rescue scenarios or arborist activities.
Recreational Tree Climbing instruction is ideal for smaller groups of 2 to 12 students. Participants should have a reasonable level of fitness and should be 8 years-old (with an adult) or older.
Let’s GO Tree Climbing!
Can’t decide on which outdoor adventure is your favorite? Why not try a couple at a time? The Adventure Weekend is an opportunity to spend two or more days in the outdoors.
Your guide will work with you to design a two or three day event that includes a combination of two or more activities, with overnights in either cabin or tent camping under the stars. Choose from rock climbing, caving, mountain biking, backpacking or wilderness skills, and we’ll create an adventure that fits your experience level and budget.
Both novices and more experienced outdoor adventurers will enjoy the excitement and challenge of a multi-sport Adventure Weekend. We will work with you to design an adventure that will be both educational and memorable. Due to the highly physical nature of the Adventure Weekend, participants should be have a reasonable level of fitness, and should be 12 years-old or older.
Let’s GO Multi-Sport!