What is the NEXTeams Process?

NEXTeams delves deeper into the inner workings of organizations, re-building them from the inside out, through creating a learning environment that fosters interdependence, innovation and organizational integrity. NEXTeams is “the next step in team development.”

Step 1

Challenge participants to get to the root of their ‘organizational identity’ and learn new ways to enhance that self-conception. The goal is to get everyone on the same page about purpose – the Real Mission of the organization.

Step 2

Invite participants to explore their role within the organization – not only their job title and responsibilities, but the potential benefits that they can offer to the organization as a whole – the Personal Identities within the organization.

Step 3

Give participants a task to accomplish – exemplified through traditional ‘team building challenges.’ The goal is to show through tangible experience the interdependence of the group – the TEAM within the organization.

Step 4

Focus on transferring the lessons learned in the initial program, back to the ‘real world’ of their day-to-day organizational function. Simple steps the leadership can take to encourage cross-communication, innovation, an environment of openness in the team – the TEAM Environment within the organization.

Step 5

Following the initial four-step process, NEXTeams will be available for follow-up consultations and recurring “FLUX Re-Energizers.” – a chance to get together in the learning environment and check-in about things that are working and things that need more attention.


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