Layering for Winter Adventures


Layering for Winter Adventures I have been an adventure guide for over 20 years. Spring, summer and fall are my busiest seasons. but every year I count down the days until the cold weather sets … Read More

Building Vs. Bonding


Finding Team Building Activities For Work Groups We often receive inquiries from small business and corporations seeking team building activities for their work groups. Some groups desire a recreational day out of the office, others … Read More

Building a Strong Company Culture


The most successful organizations know that building a strong company culture is the foundation of a successful business. The culture of an organization affects employee morale, performance, and retention. If there is a culture of … Read More

The Great Egg Drop Teambuilding Challenge

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The Egg Drop Teambuilding Challenge Competitive problem solving exercises are great teambuilders both youth and adult groups. During the Egg Drop Teambuilding Challenge small teams will compete to construct an egg delivery mechanism that will allow … Read More