Ropes Course Teambuilding for Youth and Adults in DC/MD/VA

Unlike many of the “ropes course” programs in the area, GO-Adventures challenge course teambuilding programs emphasize the development of trust and leadership.Eriq Powers - Founder

Recreational Teambuilding and Experiential Training Programs

The ROPES Challenge Course combines low ropes team building activities (physical and mental activities that build trust, enhance communication and improve problem-solving skills) with the high adrenaline challenge of the high elements (activities that take place 20 to 50 feet above the ground). The result is a high energy, teamwork-oriented event that bonds groups together through healthy risk-taking and shared adventure.
Teams of 8 to 15 participants transition through a sequence of low team building activities, designed to foster teamwork, improve problem-solving skills, and deepen trust between the members of the group. Following the low ropes activities, the team will move up to the high elements – activities that take place 20 to 50 feet off the ground. Our challenge course programs are designed specifically to foster leadership skills and the development of trust between the members of your team. Sample Low Element: Multi-Vine – the team will work together to traverse from one side of a foot cable to the other, using each other and a series of rope handles that hang down from a cable above. Sample High Element: The King’s Swing – while the rest of your team is ‘on belay’ (holding the climber safe on a rope) a team member ascends 20 feet up a tree, climbs out onto a platform and then jumps off to take a giant swing through the air. After arcing back and forth for a few swings, your team gently lowers you back down to the ground.
The ROPES Challenge Course Teambuilding program is designed for groups of 8 to 50 participants, ages 10 and above. Due to the highly teamwork-oriented activity sequencing, the challenge course is ideally suited to groups whose goal is to emphasize leadership skills development and building a strong foundation of trust between the members of the team. Similar to the Portable Team Challenge, facilitators will sequence activities to meet the stated goals and expectations of the group organizer, while at all times being attentive to the ever-changing dynamics of the team. If necessary, the program will be adjusted on the fly, in order to best serve the needs of the group. A unique benefit of experience-based teambuilding in general, and ROPES Challenge Course programming in particular, is the idea of the “novel experience.” With 4 locations to choose from, we hope to serve your group teambuilding goals at a ROPES Challenge Course that is close to you, and has a wide variety of activities to choose from!
The Challenge Course at Butler School provides teambuilding and adventure for youth and adults in the DC/MD/VA metro area.
The ROPES Challenge Course at Butler School is our “home base” and provides opportunities for youth or adult groups with up to 50 participants to participate in either recreational team building fun, goal-oriented, experience-based team development programming. Location: 15951 Germantown RD, Germantown, MD 20874
The Challenge Course at Highpoint Farm offers recreational teambuilding for youth and adults in MD/VA/DC metro area.
Conveniently located just off I-270 in Montgomery County, MD, The Challenge Course at Highpoint Farm is the ideal setting for groups whose goal is a recreational teambuilding event. Highlights of the course include a 900ft zip line, multi-level high-ropes challenge course, 35ft climbing wall and pavilions for picnics, corporate events and more. Location: 23730 N. Frederick RD, Clarksburg, MD 20871