Team Building

Recreational Team Building & Facilitated Team Development in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC.

Providing team building activities for youth and adults, either on-site, off-site, or at-home. Each team building program is designed to suit the needs of your group, and can emphasize whatever aspect of teamwork you choose.

Our Team Building Options:

Choose from a variety of on-site, off-site and virtual team building options that can be delivered throughout the DC Metropolitan area and beyond.

Not-for-profit, educational, government and corporate pricing is available upon request.

The goal of every team building program is increased trust, improved communication, greater collaboration and strengthened team cohesion.

Virtual Team Building

Virtual Team Building for Youth and Adult Groups

Virtual Team Building For Youth and Adult Groups 

Add some engagement to your remote team meetings with a well-designed and professionally delivered virtual team building session.

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From $40

per person

Ropes Challenge Course Team Building

Ropes Challenge Course Team Building for groups near Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC -

Recreational Team Building and Experiential Training Programs

The ROPES Challenge Course combines low ropes team building activities (physical and mental activities that build trust, enhance communication and improve problem-solving skills) with the high adrenaline challenge of the high elements (activities that take place 20 to 50 feet above the ground). The result is a high energy, teamwork-oriented event that bonds groups together through healthy risk-taking and shared adventure.

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per person

Portable Team Challenge

Portable Team Building activities for youth and adult groups in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC -

Goal-oriented Team Building On-site or at a Location Near You

For groups whose aim is a team-building event, on-site or off-site, with specific goals and limited time, the Portable Team Challenge provides a great vehicle for enhancing communication, building trust, and increasing commitment among the members of your team.

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From $60

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GPS GeoCache Challenge

GPS Geocache Team Building for youth and adult groups near DC/VA/MD -

Team Building Treasure Hunt for Youth and Adults, Brought to a Park Near You!

The GPS GeoCache Challenge will provide small teams with a GPS unit and instructions, then send your teams in search of clues and “caches” that will combine to give your team the tools to complete the Final Challenge.

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Team Project Event

Team Building through Community Service -

Team Development Through Community Service

Teams perform best when they are engaged in meaningful work. Nothing is as meaningful and memorable as completing a project that benefits the community.  The Team Project Event combines the problem-solving, communication-improving, trust-building components of a traditional team building event, with the lasting physical and emotional value of a community-based construction or maintenance project.

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NEXTeams Team Development


NEXTeams delves deeper into the inner workings of organizations, re-building them from the inside out, through creating a learning environment that fosters interdependence, innovation and organizational integrity.  NEXTeams is “the next step in team development.”

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From $85

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