Mobile Teambuilding for youth and adults near MD/DC/VA.

When you are looking for a high-quality teambuilding experience, but need it delivered to you, our Portable Team Challenge is a great option.Eriq Powers, Founder

For groups whose aim is a team-building event, on-site or off-site, with specific goals and limited time, the Portable Team Challenge provides a great vehicle for enhancing communication, building trust, and increasing commitment among the members of your team.
Portable Team Challenge — Teambuilding To Go with GO-Adventures -

Our highly skilled and experienced facilitators will divide your group into teams of up to 12 participants, and lead them through a sequence of team challenges that focus on your key goals requirements.

Your facilitator will front-load each problem-solving initiative or trust exercise with a metaphor to keep in mind during the activity. This directed activity often leads to key insights about the dynamics of the team.

Between exercises, the facilitator will lead a discussion that relates the lessons of the activity back to “the real world” of your school or office environment. This “debrief” helps to transfer the lessons learned through the experience. The facilitated discussions create the environment and opportunity to delve into the dynamics of the team, enabling a fun, recreational event to become a vehicle for improved communication, higher levels of trust, and increased teamwork potential.

Sample Team Building Sequence – dependent on goals of the group.

  • Icebreakers
  • Getting to Know You Activities
  • Problem-solving Initiatives
  • Trust Builders
  • Final Challenge
  • Closing Debrief

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