Bushcraft Bucket MicroAdventure

Wilderness survival skills for forests and fields that you can practice in your own backyard.

In early 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic began, families learned the challenge of spending a majority of their time at home, on one form of technology or another. The need for fun outdoor adventure opportunities became more important than ever, and finding adventure in our own backyards was one way to keep life interesting. Bushcraft is one of those activities that can be done alone, in your own backyard, with minimal equipment.

GO-Adventures provides a variety of ways to learn the basic skills that can keep you safe and comfortable in a wilderness setting. Then you can take your new skills and build on them on your own time, in your own setting.

Our Bushcraft course can be tailored to suit the needs of each participant - whether an individual or a small group, adults, children, or families with multiple ages.

Specializing in adventure instruction courses for small groups in the Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC area, GO-Adventures will meet you at either our wooded camp setting or your chosen location. A wooded area with water of some sort is preferred, but we can meet you in your own backyard!

If you decide to hire a guide we will provide necessary instructional equipment, expert guidance, and document your adventure with high quality pictures and video. If you like, we will set up a time to teach you additional skills, or simply point you in the direction of some great resources for further exploration.

For more self-motivated learners, we have prepared the Bushcraft Bucket containing all of the equipment you need to get started backyard bushcrafting on your own - or we can provide links to purchase individual items if you prefer.

Backyard Bushcraft Sticker
Bushcraft Bucket contains equipment and activities for at-home bushcraft adventures.
Backyard Bushcraft for Kids - bringing guided bushcraft adventures to your homeschool, learning pod or after-school program. https://www.go-adventures.com/adventure-instruction/wilderness-skills/
Bushcraft Basics provides training for camp staff, teachers, scout leaders and anyone who leads outdoor adventures.

General skills covered in the Bushcraft Bucket MicroAdventure

Practicing Knife Safety and Cutting Techniques for Bushcraft Wilderness Skills during a Bushcraft Micro Adventure - https://www.go-adventures.com/bushcraft-bucket-microadventure/

Knife Use and Safety

Learn best practices for staying safe with your most critical outdoor tool.


Body positioning

Managing the "Blood Circle"

Knife cutting techniques for campcraft


Practice various techniques for laying, lighting and maintaining cooking and comfort fires.


Fire Materials - tinder, kindling, fuel wood, wood selection, materials preparation, etc.

Fire Lighting Techniques - firesteel, char cloth, solar ignition, tinder bundles, feathersticks, fatwood, etc.

Fire Types - upside down fires, rocket stoves, stick stoves, etc.

Backyard Bushcraft brings high quality adventure instruction to your location.
Learn how to make a primitive filter for safe drinking water in a survival situation with GO-Adventures Bushcraft Wilderness Skills clinics.


Dehydration is a safety risk in a wilderness survival situation. Learn how to find water and make it safe to drink.


Solar Stills

Water Filtration

Passive Procurement Methods


Protection from the elements is key to survival in an extended wilderness scenario. Learn techniques for short-term and long-term bushcraft shelters.


Site Selection - choosing a good place to camp

Hasty Tarp Shelters - go up quick and provide safety from the elements

Debris Hut Shelters - provide more durable cover, insulation and protection from severe weather changes

Learn how to build a debris hut shelter with a custom Backyard Bushcraft adventure!

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