Bushcraft Equipment Recommendations

Bushcraft is a great outdoor adventure. You can start having fun in the woods without having to buy any additional tools or equipment. But most experienced outdoor adventurers agree that carrying a few basic tools, especially those that are difficult to replicate in the woods, will make your bushcraft adventure safer and more enjoyable!

Here are a few equipment recommendations for new and experienced bushcrafters. We have done extensive research and testing over the years, and these are some of the items we carry into the woods.

5 Critical Pieces of Equipment

  1. Cutting Tool (knife and saw)
  2. Combustion Device (ferrocerium rod)
  3. Container (steel water bottle or pot with lid)
  4. Cover (10' x 10' tarp)
  5. Cordage (parachute cord & bank line)

Here is our recommended list of basic equipment for adults getting started with Bushcraft Wilderness Survival:

Bushcraft Bucket (for Kids)

A "kid-friendly" variety of tools and resources hand-chosen to get kids started with bushcrafting at home. All contained in a 5-gallon bucket with a lid to keep it easy to store, easy to transport and easy to carry. And with the lid on top, you can even sit on it!

Bushcraft Bucket - Kids bushcraft wilderness skills that comes in a bucket for at-home fun!