Climb Gannett Peak - High Point of Wyoming

At 13,804 feet, Gannett Peak towers over the Grand Teton by a whopping 84 feet. Gannett Peak is the most remote of the high-points in the lower 48, and second, only to to Denali in the 50 state high-points. It has five rugged glaciers on its flank, the largest glaciers in the American Rocky Mountains.

GO-Adventures Mountaineering - Gannett Peak hike - www.go-adventures.comThis remote glacier-covered peak offers an exciting alpine mountaineering challenge due to its inaccessibility and moderate difficulty. Ropes, ice axes, and crampons are usually required for this trip.

This is not an easy summit, and both new and experienced mountaineers should be prepared to train and condition prior to embarking on the climb.

As with any expedition, there is no guarantee of success. On our most recent ascent, 4 of the 5 climbers successfully summited, but most importantly, everyone returned home safe and sound. And, everyone is excited for their next adventure!

Gannett Peak is an excellent mountain for your first summit attempt!

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