Don’t Give Up on the New Year’s Resolution!


New Year's Resolutions - Don't Give Up!

Success Takes Time

Time and Practice.

It’s true – the New Year’s Resolution is a cliche. Yes, many of us have made a promise to do more of something, or less of something, try something new or stop doing something old. And almost as many of us have broken that promise – sometimes in the very first week of the new year!

But, what if we didn’t break those resolutions? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to actually follow through on your promise to yourself? Well, of course it would!

Here are 3 tips to help you stick to your New Year’s Resolutions and make the changes that you are hoping for:

Less is More

One of the things that prevents successful Resolutions is taking on too many Resolutions! For a habit to take root, we must have repetition. If we resolve to do 5 new things this year and they all start today, we are going to overload our already busy life!

New Years Resolutions - pick one or two and expect to stumble!Remember:

  • Pick a maximum of one or two new resolutions to take on.
  • Write down your resolution, print it out, laminate it, put it on your wall/mirror/refrigerator/forehead
  • Make sure it is in front of you throughout the day, so you can’t ignore/forget/procrastinate and lose momentum.
  • Check in on how you’re doing with your resolution throughout the day, especially in the morning and at night.
  • Celebrate every time you successfully remember to “do it.”

Friends Don’t Let Friends Break Resolutions

Nothing motivates action like knowing someone else is seeing our lack of action! No one wants their friends to think less of them when they fail to follow through on a commitment. So, get a friend to buy in to your new resolution. Maybe they will join you in creating that new habit!

Everyone has a Bad Day

Habits take time to take root in our memory, and every once in a while we will slip up and forget, or get too busy, or be unable to follow through on the Resolution for some reason. That doesn’t mean give up! Tomorrow is another opportunity to keep moving forward with your goals, so acknowledge the missed opportunity and move on. Tomorrow will be a better day!

If you practice these 3 Tips to Resolution Success, you are certain to form new habits that will help you ring in a Happy New Year!