Recreational Teambuilding to Go

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One of our favorite ways to deliver a day of recreational team building is through the use of the Adventure Team Challenge – a ‘self-led,’ station-to-station rotational team building event. Here’s how it works, and why we like it!

Designed specifically for larger groups (30 to 1000) with a limited budget, the Adventure Team Challenge provides the activities and games that you might find in a traditional ‘low ropes’ program – minus the ‘debrief and discussion’ that usually follows a teambuilder. For groups whose goals are ‘fun and team building’ rather than a focused team development endeavor, the Adventure Team Challenge is usually a good fit.

How It Works:

The group is broken up into teams of 10-12 participants, and given an instruction booklet – a summary of the objectives, rules, and hints for a series of team building activities. After choosing a leader/liaison for their team, they are given 25 minutes to complete each exercise before rotating to a new activity station. Prior to the rotations, the entire group is given a few large-group ‘warm-up’ activities to ‘break the ice,’ and then they are on their own. Facilitators cycle through the activities, checking for safety, answering questions, and supporting the teams during the challenges. Following the ‘End of Play,’ the entire group reconvenes and competes to accomplish a ‘Final Challenge,’ before debriefing the day and saying goodbye.

Why We Like It:

Some groups (college student orientations, corporate picnics, sports teams, etc.) want to come together to do an activity that is more intense, focused, and teamwork-oriented than a happy hour, bowling, or laser tag. The recreational aspect of the Adventure Team Challenge is ideal for those groups who work well together, desire a fun and relaxed way to get to know one another, and don’t mind a physical and mental challenge.

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