Corporate Team Building & Leadership Development for Small and Large Businesses in MD/DC/VA

Corporate Team Building is best achieved through shared experiences and with the help of a skilled facilitator. Although the teambuilding needs of corporations, not-for-profit groups, government agencies and NGOs may differ, one thing is true for all of them - trust is fundamental to organizational success. GO-Adventures is dedicated to building trust within business teams, and provides teambuilding activities that help teams improve communication, develop leadership, find solutions to complex problems, and increase the level of cohesion and dedication to their work teams and organizations.Eriq Powers, GO-Adventures Founder
    Track Walk - a traversing low element at The Challenge Course at Butler School
    Pipeline Challenge - a problem-solving initiative during a corporate team development program.
    Colorblind - a blindfolded communication exercise during an MBA team building program.

    Selecting a Corporate Teambuilding Program

    Many organizations that contact us for "team building," are not exactly sure what they are looking for. In order to help with selecting a program that will fit your needs, we have broken our teambuilding options into 3 types:

    • Team Bonding

      Activities that focus on fun and camaraderie. Ideal for youth group programming, large group energizers, and high-functioning teams. See our Team Bonding Programs

    • Team Building

      Activities that improve team dynamics, problem-solving skills, communication enhancement, leadership skills, and foundational trust. See our Team Building Programs

    • Team Development

      Facilitated programming that is goal-driven, result-oriented, and can be either a stand-along event, or more often used as part of a larger team development initiative. See our Team Development Programs