Competitive Team Building Events

The  Quickfire Team Challenge is a self-led rotational team building program for groups who require a fast-paced and fun, recreational team building program on a tight budget. Groups are split into teams and given instruction booklets for a rotational sequence of team challenges, each lasting only a short period of time, and then quickly rotating to the next activity station. During this unique and exciting team building event, teams will focus on problem-solving, enhanced communication, leadership and trust, as well as participating in a “friendly competition” with their peers.

How It Works

  • Groups will have different roles to fill (leader, scribe, time-keeper, goal-keeper, liaison).
  • Facilitators will be available to answer questions and check for safety.
  • Groups will rotate from activity to activity, working on communication, problem-solving, and building trust among their members.
  • “Time” doesn’t begin until planning is complete, however there is a rotational time limit (usually 10 to 15 minutes).
  • The Final Challenge will bring everyone together to solve a difficult physical initiative…

Types of Activities

Due to the rotational-style of this team building event, there is less emphasis on sequencing the activities and more emphasis on completion of activities in the time given.

  • Games

    Activities that serve as icebreakers – encouraging participants to relax, act silly, and remove some of the barriers that normally keep individuals from cooperating with one another. Games are the simplest form of team challenge.

  • Initiatives

    Activities that require group members to identify a problem, make a plan for solving that problem, and initiate their plan. These challenges foster communication, commitment to the group and leader/follower roles among the group members.

Sample Activities

Roller Ball – 5 minute challenge.

During this team relay race, partners will work together to roll a tennis ball from one side of a “rope gutter” to the other, and land the ball in a bucket.

Materials Needed:

  • 20 foot loops of rope held between two team mates at least 4 feet above a bucket
  • a bucket “landing zone”
  • a tennis ball for each team of two.

Sticky Situation – 5 minute challenge

Standing behind the starting line, you must bounce ping pong balls off the ground and land them on a piece of peanut butter bread.

Materials Needed (per participant):

  • 20 ping pong balls
  • one piece of peanut butter bread
  • concrete floor
  • raised board to lay peanut butter bread target on top of.

Puzzle Race – 5 minute challenge

Each team member must assemble a 30 piece puzzle as fast as possible

Materials needed:

  • 30 piece puzzle per participant.

M&M Color Separation – 5 minute challenge

Each participant must separate the colors in a package of M&Ms

Materials needed:

  • One M&M packages per participant.
  • Clear plastic drinking cups

Rapid Fire

Each team mate will attempt to knock down an aluminum can pyramid by shooting rubber bands until they have hit every can off the tabletop.

Materials Needed:

  • 20 rubber bands
  • 9 empty aluminum cans stacked in a pyramid

Who Should Book the Quickfire Team Challenge?

Due to the highly independent nature of the Quickfire Team Challenge, teams that work well together make the best candidates for the self-led style of this recreational team building event:

    • Summer Camps
    • Sports Teams
    • Fraternities and Sororities
    • Corporate Teams
    • Colleges and Universities
    • High School Orientations
    • etc…