Adventure Education

MicroAdventures for MicroSchools, Learning Pods and Home School Families

Now, more than ever, we have a need for enriching educational opportunities that provide engagement, social interaction, and guided skill development. With most schools going online during the pandemic, many families are choosing to home school or start their own neighborhood learning pods.

These "microschools" can bridge the gap between the traditional educational model and alternative schools. The 21st century approach to learning leverages the connectivity of the internet to create small group, project-based classes. Let GO-Adventures be your partner in learning through experience-based adventure education.

Bushcraft Wilderness Skills
Mountain Biking
Tree Climbing
Rock Climbing

21st  Century Approach to Education

This DIY approach, when done right, can give students more power over their educational outcomes by providing more choices. Students learn best when they are engaged. If they are able to make choices about what they are learning, they are more likely to dig deeper into the topic.

A skilled educator should act more as a guide, than simply a purveyor of knowledge. A guide points a student to resources that can help them learn more, rather than telling them the answer, or "teaching to the test." A guide provides a framework for learning that will give learners a point of reference. Without some guidance, many learners will become overwhelmed by the possibilities that self-led education offers. Teachers should provide some reasonable parameters, acting as a supportive scaffolding. The student aims at the learning target, and the teacher helps redirect them when they get too far off course.

Meet Your Guide

For the past 20 years, Eriq Powers has been an outdoor educator at Butler Montessori, while also running his team building and adventure programs with GO-Adventures. Eriq's love of teaching coupled with his love of outdoor adventure makes him an expert at tweaking the lesson plan on the fly in order to meet the needs of different learners.

Here are a few of the offerings available to homeschool families, learning pods and microschools.